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In late 2022, the SCAS leadership devised a plan to honour people who have made significant contributions or enabled the formation of the new Society of Canadian Aquatic Sciences. The idea was to simply recognize people with a lapel pin that would be presented at the annual business meeting. The recipients would be recognized on the SCAS website on a page recognizing those for exceptional service to SCAS (name and year of award would be listed).


  • Members can only be honoured once.
  • Candidates can be nominated by SCAS members in good standing. Nominators should take into consideration the following when preparing a nomination:
  • Candidates should have lead or contributed a substantial amount to an EXCEPTIONAL initiative on behalf of the society; or,
  • Candidates should have consistently performed at an OUTSTANDING level of service for the society over a period of time, typically by serving in an officer or committee chair role.
  • Nominations should be a paragraph detailing the candidates contribution(s) and need not be lengthy (<500 words). Nominations must be submitted to the president by January 10th each year.

Descision and Presentation

The current president, the vice president, and the chair of the Awards committee will review nominations and present a motion to the executive committee at the annual business meeting listing successful nominations and their contribution(s).

Pins will then be immediately presented to any successful nominations who are in attendence. The secretary will mail pins to any successful nominations not present at the meeting.

Name Year Awarded Reason for Award 
 Jeff Hutchings 2023

For his thoughtful and balanced contributions in drafting our by-laws, governance structure, policy document, and general steady hand to the creation of SCAS.

 John Lark 2023

For sharing his institutional memory of conference planning and society administration.

 Karen Smokorowski 2023

For deftly designing and navigating the development of a brand new website.

 Mike Rennie 2023

For iterating with designers to develop our snazzy new logo. 

 Andrea Kirkwood 2023

For consistently and effectively communicating SCAS news and building a communications team.

 Josh Thienpont 2023

For keeping good tabs on our finances and membership.

Jérôme Marty 2023

For sharing his wealth of knowledge of everything by-laws and governance.

 Heidi Swanson 2023

For administering and organizing the Clemens-Rigler and Early Career awards for several years.

 Marten Koops 2023

For evaluating the financial implications during the merger.

Tina Semeniuk 2023

For dedication to JEDII initiatives and ensuring SCAS keeps these at the fore.

 Bea Beisner 2023

For organizing the most challenging conference EVER, and for setting the bar exceptionally high for future conferences!

 Dylan Fraser 2023For organizing the most challenging conference EVER, and for setting the bar exceptionally high for future conferences!

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