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Student and ECR Engagement Committee

September 15
th, 2021

Approved by SCAS Board of Directors, Dec 9 2021

Name: Student and ECR Engagement

Purpose: To provide direction for the future of student engagement within SCAS

Objective: To provide a framework for student and ECR engagement within SCAS which may include the formation of a formal student/ECR-led group within SCAS, and/or student/ECR positions on the executive board that are responsible for student engagement. This committee will recommend:

1) The structure, roles, and responsibilities of the student/ECR led group and/or positions

2) Eligibility and nomination guidelines

Budget: Annual budget should include student/ECR-led initiatives at the annual SCAS conference, and year-round.


This committee is established to provide recommendations to SCAS with the aim of creating a framework that will maintain student/ECR engagement within SCAS. This committee seeks to address the question “what can this society offer to students and ECR?”

Frequency of Meetings:

This committee will meet monthly, until the objective is met and positions or a student/ECR body is active within SCAS.

Duties of Members:

Members of this committee will meet once a month, and generate ideas that can be implemented within SCAS. This will include brainstorming sessions, and helping with the preparation of a formal document, which will be presented to the current board of directors of SCAS.

Planned Deliverables:

This committee will provide a document to the SCAS board of directors which will include recommendations on how the formation of formal positions on the executive board, or a student/ECR-led group, can be implemented within SCAS, and will include:

Roles and responsibilities of elected positions

Eligibility of elected positions

Nomination process of positions

A plan on how to recruit for these positions

How JEDI principles can best be incorporated in the nomination and election process

Deliverables and the Target dates: This document will be presented to the board of directors of SCAS by January 2022.

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